Produits en Biothane de fabrication artisanale au Québec.
Que la Force d'Odin
apporte de la sagesse
à votre fidèle compagnon
Que la Force d'Odin apporte de la sagesse
à votre fidèle compagnon


BioThane is a trademark and is actually a polyester mesh covered with PVC coating that makes it more durable, water resistant and easy to wash, not retaining odors.

Unlike leather, which can become damp and lose its strength, BioThane is still very strong, even resisting puling forces of more than 3000 lbs, depending on its thickness and width.

Several finishes and thicknesses are available, but the best for animal products are the Beta Standard and the Beta Super Heavy. They remain strong while keeping good flexibility and a good grip in hand.

Here is some technical information:
Beta Standard (ST): 0.100 » thick (2.5mm)
Super Heavy (SH): 0.150 » thick (3.8mm)

The finishes can have a glossy effect (especially for reflective colors) or matte (the majority of our products).

Contact us for more options and special orders.

Who we are?

Odin is a company located in Montérégie, Quebec, close to Montreal and was founded by Éric Bernier in 2021. All of our products are handmade by him.
Eric has been passionate about dogs since he was a child. He currently has a handsome Leonberger and Chihuahuas in his house.

All this started in 2020 during a knife forging course. Eric always wanted to do something manual, he spends his days working in front of the computer. After this forging class, he had to protect his knives by creating leather sheaths, so he started the leather work. From one thing to another, he discovered Biothane and thus linked his passion for dogs with that of creation and manufacturing and Odin was born!

Why Odin?
After having his DNA tested to know his ancestors, Eric discovered that he had links to the Vikings of old. Having many passions, Norse mythology and its magic of the Runes being part of them, it was another way to do what he loved. Having studied the Runes for more than 30 years, he infuses his creations with the power of the Nordic Runes. You can even ask for a special Rune to be inscribed in the product, just ask him which one would be better for you and your dog.

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